New Construction




J.J Painting’s trained crew can turn your walls fully and well painted to your liking at the most affordable cost.


Decorative painting requires years of expereince to come up with finished jobs with superb result.  J.J Painting has years of experience in decorative painting.

Doors & Baseboards

Painting doors & baseboards only make difference when the job was done by professionals.  Is your door full of taints and damage?  J.J Painting will help.

Staining & Refinishing

J.J Painting is a few of painters in the area that provides the service of staining and refinishing.  Rely on us, and you will be surprised by our finished job.


Painting cabinets require detail job, and it is a time consuming task.  It will be much better to assign the task to a professional like J.J Painting.




Due to weather conditions and unavoidable damage as time goes by, exterior walls require routine painting work.  J.J Painting has fully trained crew members who can provide professional work for your exterior walls.


Does damaged decks distract you every morning?  J.J Painting can turn your desks fully re-painted and you will be much pleased by your decks polished and painted like brand new.


Fences require regular check up and fences are one of your exterior area that require routine painting job.  J.J Painting can paint your fences at the most affordable cost.


Waterproofing through special painting can be properly done only by a professional like J.J Painting.  We do carry special painting material that makes waterproofing possible for your exterior.

pressure Washing

Not many painters provide the service of pressure washing.  J.J Painting can provide the servcie, and we are fully equiped with necessary tools and experience in case you need pressure washing.

Costs Starting with our free proposal, you don’t pay our team anything until the job is complete and we’ve finished our final quality review. We want you to be satisfied with everything.

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Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Never work with a painting company without first checking that their insurance coverage and licensing are valid and up-to-date.

Client Since 1995

Our professional crews are safety trained and oriented, with many years of experience in the painting industry. We provide on-site free estimates and color coordination tips if needed.

Client Since 1995

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